A wedding is a magic moment. In a world bogged down with noises and distractions, your big day is a time to pause and reflect on nothing but the love between two people, which when you think about it is all that really matters.

The events of the day cannot be reenacted, but they can be captured so that you can relive them. From your engagement to the wedding reception, your greatest memories can be beautifully preserved with pictures and video of fine art calibre. 

As a photographer, there's no greater honour than being asked to archive such an important event. Along with this comes the responsibility to execute my trade at a professional quality, for the entirety of your planned events, and it doesn't stop there. 

Having learned from the exceptional couples that I am lucky to say were clients, I have adopted the priorities of a newly wed couple as personal guarantees of service so that you can focus on loved ones and friends during these exciting times. These guarantees include: 

  • An initial set of unedited online proofs , delivered to you within 3 days of the wedding to share with family and friends;

  • Your edited collection, delivered within the 3 weeks following your wedding day;

  • Your videos, both edited and raw footage of the day delivered within 6 weeks of your wedding day. ( If requested )

Beyond providing a world-class experience and delivering on these commitments, additional services available for your consideration include:

  • On-site photo booth;

  • Thank-you cards;

  • Save-the-date cards;

  • Invitations;

  • Engagement 'Save the Date' Video;

  • Custom Slideshow for your reception;