Diane & Gage Taylor / Ochos Rios, Jamaica by Andrew Kelly

In April, I got the chance to travel with Gage and Diane, to head to Jamaica for their wedding. 

Throughout the week, we shot photos, went on adventures and even got to celebrate my birthday with the entire wedding group on board a catamaran destined for Dunns River Falls. 

Several mornings were spent on the beach, whether shooting trash the dress photos with the wedding couple, or watching the sun rise and taking in the calmness of the ocean and the beach in the early hours of the day. 

It is always a new experience, with every destination wedding, but this group really made every moment count. It was like being in Jamaica with one huge family. 

The day of the wedding was stunning - stunning and extremely hot. Everything went according to plan and Diane and Gage tied the knot on the beach in front of their closest friend and family. 

Here are some shots from the wedding, along with two shots from one of our morning shoots on the beach. Six in the morning comes quick in Jamaica, but once you were up and smells the ocean and heard the reggae playing, there was no chance in going back to catch more sleep. 

Thank you a million times over to Diane, Gage and their family and friends. These trips may be my job, but it's hard to feel like you are working when you are in a beautiful place, with wonderful people, doing exactly what you love to do. 

Next week I'll be posting some shots from my adventures and some of the insane sunrises and sunsets I caught with the Canon. 

- AK



This is the third video Jay Merrill and I have released in the new year. 

This one in particular was pretty memorable, as my camera fell off the slider and hit the ground, almost ending the entire shoot, not to mention my sanity.  

Nevertheless, the camera is going to be okay and hope everyone enjoys these three songs from Drake Adams.  

Always a pleasure to have talented musicians come through the studio and looking forward to working with many more musicians over the next year. 


SAF SESSION 2 / Drew Smooth by Andrew Kelly

Earlier this week Jay and I teamed up and did another audio and visual project. 

This time we recorded Drew Smooth performing a couple original songs on an old, and beautiful sounding piano.  The audio was recorded and mastered by Jay Merrill and the video was shot and edited by myself, Andrew Kelly. 

Enjoy the second video in our SAF SESSION series. 

Fantastic Mr. Fox by Andrew Kelly

Been waiting a long time to share these photos with the world. I thought it would be a solid choice for the first photo blog. I've also featured it as a gallery in the opening page. 

These photos were taken just over a year ago, along side of the highway going north to Labrador. This fox was eating a white rabbit and didn't mind me hopping out of the car and shooting some photos. 

This is a pretty memorable moment for me as a photographer.

Canon 5D Mark III / 70-200 2.8


On January 11th, Jay Merrill popped by to lay down a few of his original tracks. You may recognize him as a member Gordon Gets Lost. Check it out.


Also, check out the bandcamp link - the songs are free for download, but you  can purchase if you love it and want to show your support for local music and art!!